"Winterization" project for maternity hospitals in Ukraine: preparation for the winter season together with UA Brokers Without Borders
This winter, Ukrainians united in order to help each other and those who especially need support to survive the most difficult heating season in the modern history of the country. And together we succeeded!
Back in autumn 2022, the "280 Days" Charitable Fund began to receive many requests for help in the process of "Winterization" (preparation for the winter season) from medical institutions.

This has become one of the priority tasks of the foundation, because pregnant women, women in labor and babies need to maintain a certain temperature regime, and medical personnel, who are currently working at the limit of their capabilities, must perform their work in decent conditions.

We are pleased to announce that thanks to the fruitful partnership with the international initiative UA Brokers Without Borders, a number of maternity hospitals and departments received the necessary heating equipment.

Within the scope of the project, our partners provided assistance to the following medical institutions using donor funds from the Urgent Action Fund:
  • Maternity ward of Kagarlyk multidisciplinary hospital: 4 boilers, 5 UFO heaters, 2 electric convector heaters;
  • Maternity House of Chernihiv City Council: 5 boilers, 10 UFO heaters;
  • Kyiv Regional Perinatal Center: 6 boilers, 10 oil heaters;
  • Kyiv City Maternity Hospital #1: 6 boilers, 20 electric convector heaters, 10 oil heaters.

The total cost of assistance amounted to UAH 339,364.

We would like to thank our partners UA Brokers Without Borders for their care and prompt support. We met the winter challenges with dignity and believe that we will soon meet the victory!
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