Welcome to our warehouse: how we work thanks to the help from EU and ISAR Ednannia
Today we want to show you the miracles that are happening behind the curtains - at our warehouse.
Every month we receive applications for targeted aid - our superboxes with basic things for moms and newborns.

Thanks to ISAR Ednannia we have an opportunity to rent a spacious warehouse where all the magic takes place. Just like Santa's workshop at the North Pole, our warehouse to the north from Kyiv is always busy.

Here we pack and send the packages for expectant families so that newborn children would have everything they need. The members of our Targeted Aid team are processing numerous requests, just life Christmas elves. They receive applications, answer the messages from expectant mothers, pack boxes and take photos, and send all the packages (via Nova Poshta Humanitarian instead of Christmas deers).

We are able to rent the warehouse thanks to the European Union project 'Emergency Support for Civil Society' implemented by ISAR Ednannia.
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