Warm help for pregnant women of the Sokal community of the Lviv region
The full-scale invasion became a real test for Ukrainians and forced many of them to leave their homes and become IDPs - internally displaced persons. For one of the most vulnerable categories of IDPs - pregnant women - this is a double challenge.
Since the beginning of the war, doctors have noted a markedly increased number of pregnancy complications, including premature births. This is due to previously unheard of stress levels, poor nutrition, infections that are quickly transmitted in the conditions of bomb shelters during air raids. Hundreds of pregnant women turn to the charity fund "280 Days" as part of the targeted assistance program for pregnant women in difficult situations every month; according to our statistics, 49% of them are IDPs.

Diana was one of such resettled women. Here is her story: "Before the start of the full-scale invasion, my husband and I lived in the city of Kharkiv. I lived in Kharkiv all my life, and my husband was born in Severodonetsk, Luhansk Region. We worked online, made custom websites, planned our lives, but on February 24, 2022 we made adjustments to our plans."

Diana says that she and her husband lost their jobs last year. In addition, the man lost his home in Severodonetsk, and most painfully, his grandparents, because an enemy Russian missile hit their house...

"We left with almost no belongings and had to rebuild our lives. But magic did come into our lives: later we found out that we were expecting a child, although before that we had almost 7 months of unsuccessful attempts. And just now the little boy decided to come to our family. We ended up in the city of Chervonograd, Lviv region, where my husband went to the service, and I am trying to maintain my internal state and prepare for childbirth."

Now Diana, together with her husband and future child, live in the Sokal territorial community of the Chervonograd district of the Lviv region, which includes the city of Sokal, the village of Zhvirka and 58 villages (a total of 34,000 urban population and approximately 58,000 rural) that have received almost 15,000 IDPs.

Like many other territorial communities far from large cities, Sokal TC experiences a lack of funds, humanitarian aid and equipment to provide pregnant women with appropriate services.

Together with our partner, the charitable foundation "Klyusiv-2019", in March we helped 23 pregnant women and new mothers - IDPs of the Sokal community, with sets of warm things for babies: winter envelopes and caps, warm diapers and sets of clothes . We hope that we were able to make the lives of families a little easier and provide a helping hand during this difficult time.

We are extremely grateful to Tetiana Grynova and all the benefactors who support Tanya's running challenge for mothers and babies, for the funds collected for the purchase of warm sets.

We support the future of Ukraine together!
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