Warm clothes for newborns in Kharkiv thanks to the writer Kateryna Babkinia
What inspires you in these difficult times? For us, it is a real inspiration to see that even after so much time since the beginning of the great invasion, the desire of Ukrainians to support each other and those who really need help, does not decrease, but the opposite.
Recently, writer and philanthropist Kateryna Babkina approached us with a request to help transfer charitable aid to those who need it most. Katya conducted a fundraising campaign and raised funds for the purchase of 36 warm sets of clothes for babies, which are lovingly sewn by a small workshop in the front-line area.

Thanks to the care of Kateryna and her like-minded people, these kits were given to the little Ukrainians who were born in the Kharkiv Regional Perinatal Center.

We are extremely grateful to Kateryna for her warm support and believe that such projects bring us closer to victory!
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