Targeted Aid Program for Pregnant Women: Let's grow together!
We would like to share some results of our Targeted Aid Program for Pregnant Women; within the program, we are supporting those expectant mothers who got into trouble because of war.
We launched the program in April 2022 as a solution to the new challenges our country and expectant mothers had to face. We started to receive numerous requests of support from women, who had financial difficulties and were unable to buy the basic things for themselves and their newborn babies.

At first the aid we could provide was irregular and selective. But our strong belief is that only planned and consistent actions can help us reach significant results. That is why we made an effort to systematize our work and gain support of the best team ever; we started to provide expectant mothers with regular aid in the form of superboxes - packages of basic goods with 20-25 necessary items for women and babies.

Our initial goal was to cover at least 100 requests per month; we are excited to announce that now we support more than 400 expectant families monthly! We have already supported more than 1500 women.

We would like to thank everyone who contributes to this project; we are sure we'll be able to maximize the help in future.

We would like to particularly thank ISAR Ednannia for giving our team an opportunity to work efficiently despite the current complicated conditions since we have received a grant within the EU 'Emergency Support for Civil Society' program.
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