Support the healthcare professionals of the Kyiv Regional Perinatal Center
Today, doctors of the Kyiv Regional Perinatal Center save new lives in extraordinary conditions of the wartime. Together with you, we can strengthen their ability to provide timely assistance.
Since the beginning of the full-scale war the healthcare workers of the Kyiv Regional Perinatal Center have basically moved from their homes to work - together with their families! Thereby the KRPC has an opportunity to provide high-quality medical help to expectant and new moms, and their babies 24/7 - and at the same time stay safe, avoiding the everyday transportation from home. However, in order to live in the institution comfortably they still lack some home appliences.

We'd like to ask you to help us buy the following gear:
  • Microwave oven
  • Coffee machine
  • 2 induction stoves
The installment of such a 'field kitchen' would cost around 20 000 UAH (660 USD). Make a charitable contribution via our website or through PayPal at, and help us support those who care for Ukrainian mothers and babies.

Together we will win!
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