Results of the first stage of the "Summer is the Time for Vitamins" project: 1500 pregnant women received vitamin complexes
October 3, 2023
We are pleased to report on the results of the first stage of the 'Summer is the Time for Vitamins' project, which provided 1500 expectant mothers with vitamin complexes for pregnant women.

Pregnancy is one of the most crucial periods in a woman's life, and proper nutrition and a sufficient amount of essential vitamins and minerals are the key to its healthy course. The vitamin complexes that the women received will help maintain and improve the health of mothers and future babies.

This victory would not have been possible without the extraordinary help of the team from Nova Poshta and the Humanitarian Post of Ukraine project, who together with us gave their efforts and resources to support this important cause.

Join us and help mothers stay healthy and enjoy their pregnancy. Together we can do even more!
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