Organizational development for mothers and babies: new partnership with MIM - Kyiv and Philanthropy in Ukraine
14 November 2023
We are pleased to announce our new partnership with MIM - Kyiv and Philanthropy in Ukraine.

Today, our foundation is facing the task of strengthening its organisational structure in order to continue to support our target audiences: maternity hospitals, expectant mothers and their babies. We try to use every opportunity to develop the organisation, and we are more than grateful when professionals from other sectors share their invaluable knowledge, experience and expertise with us for the benefit of the new generation of Ukraine.

We would like to inform you that we have been selected as one of the organisations to participate in a joint programme of the MIM-Kyiv and Philanthropy in Ukraine, where top management professionals studying at the MBA programme will analyse our strengths and weaknesses in order to make our foundation more viable, efficient and beneficial to our beneficiaries.

On Saturday, 11 November, our Director of Development Yulia Ridchenko presented the 280 Days Charity Fund to the MBA programme participants. A completely new experience of exciting cooperation awaits us and our colleagues, and we are ready for intensive work. We are incredibly grateful for this partnership and look forward to fruitful results.
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