Before/after: the maternity ward of the Kagarlyk Multidisciplinary Hospital received a new bed for childbirth

Our favorite column is "before/after". The maternity department of the Kagarlyk Multidisciplinary Hospital received a new bed for childbirth! And all thanks to the fund's benefactors, the Ukrainian-American Cultural Club of Houston, located in Texas, the US.
Kagarlyk is a city located not far from Kyiv. Currently it hosts many pregnant residents of the capital who have left in search of a safer place, as well as immigrants from Mariupol, Donetsk, Kharkiv. The maternity bed available in the facility was outdated in all possible ways (just take a look at the photo!).

For the comfort of mothers and babies, donors from the Ukrainian-American Cultural Club of Houston purchased a multifunctional transformer bed for giving birth worth almost UAH 72,000. It is fully electric, with removable head and foot panels. Also, the position of the back section of the bed, height and movements are easily and silently adjusted with the help of a control panel.

The doctors of the maternity ward of Kagarlyk Multidisciplinary Hospital note that pregnant women are delighted with the comfort of the bed and note a colossal difference in comfort during childbirth.

We thank our donors and everyone who helps improve the conditions for the birth of little Ukrainians. Let's not stop, there is still a lot of work ahead.


Photo: Valentyn Vladimirov

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