Lifesaving breath for babies: the 280 Days Charity Fund handed over to the Kyiv Regional Perinatal Center the latest ventilator for newborns
One of the sad consequences of the full-scale invasion was a significant increase in the number of premature births all over the country: the stress that expectant mothers experience daily has an extremely negative effect on the course of pregnancy. Premature babies with extremely low and very low birth weight need urgent resuscitation, long-term treatment and care.
Specialized support is also required for newborns with respiratory disorders, fetal growth retardation, diabetic fetopathy, severe isoimmune conflict, surgical pathology of the fetus, congenital malformations of the fetus, etc. In 2022 126 babies received respiratory therapy in the intensive care unit and the second stage of newborn recovery at the Kyiv Regional Perinatal Center.

CAREFUSION Avea expert-class ventilator for children worth UAH 1,570,000 is used for long-term artificial ventilation of the lungs in newborns with extremely low body weight. Now even the tiniest patients of KRPC are under reliable protection.

"Sometimes a fraction of a second is important to save a life! Especially now, when we are living with active shelling, unstable electricity supply, and the need to work as hard as possible to stabilize the patient's vital functions in emergency cases, often being in a shelter, where the availability of the necessary medical equipment is limited. It was at this moment that we desperately needed a children's ventilator, - says the medical director of the Kyiv Regional Perinatal Center Nataliya Heynts. - We turned for help to the 280 days Charity Fund, our partners and friends, who have been systematically helping us for the past three years. And now we have a ventilator for children. We thank all the representatives of the 280 Days Charity Fund, volunteers, partners of the foundation, carriers, drivers, coordinators and managers who brought us this little victory!"

Alesіa Azarova, head of the 280 Days Charity Fund: "The Great War significantly exacerbated the demographic crisis in our country. We expect the birth rate to fall even further in 2023. Therefore, we aim to create conditions in which potential parents will be sure that pregnant women, mothers in labor and babies born in Ukraine are protected as much as possible. For this purpose, we cooperate with perinatal centers and maternity hospitals and make efforts to improve their material and technical base. The Kyiv Regional Perinatal Center works with complicated pregnancy cases, and we are glad that we were able to contribute to giving the best start in life for thousands of babies."

Purchase of the ventilator for the Kyiv Regional Perinatal Center is part of the "Life Will Win the War" project implemented by the 280 Days Charity Fund with the financial support of Philip Morris International. In addition, within the scope of the project, two neonatal patient monitors and a pediatric ventilator were purchased for the Chernivtsi Regional Perinatal Center; three portable pulse oximeters and 15 infusion solution and blood warmers for the Kyiv Regional Perinatal Center, as well as a fully equipped pediatric intensive care unit with a ventilator transport unit for the Chernivtsi Region regional children's clinical hospital.
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