Let's support Ukrainian mothers on their front of fighting together
Today Ukraine celebrates Mother's Day. The day, usually filled with light, love and joy, has now taken on a new meaning...
In the last 2.5 months, pregnant women and young mothers in Ukraine have been forced to leave everything to save their children. Everything they prepared for the birth of the baby remained somewhere far away. Lack of access to the most basic things for the mother and newborn creates additional stress and adds new worries.

Mothers often feel guilty to be unable to prepare for the birth of a child. This greatly aggravates negative moods and can lead to pregnancy complications, including premature birth.

But there is a way out. Together we can support mothers on their "front" - the front of the struggle for the health of the child and the opportunity to give her the best possible start in life.

Make a charitable donation via our website https://280days-en.org/donate or PayPal at info@280days,org, and we will buy essentials for pregnant women in maternity hospitals. The cost of one set averages 1,600 UAH (approximately 50 EURO).

Together we will be able to help mothers to meet the arrival of their child in full force!
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