Knitted clothing for babies all the way from the Guernsey Island: humanity and help without borders

Today we want to share with you a charming and cozy story of humanity and help without borders!
The Guernsey island is located in the English Channel off the coast of Normandy. To be honest, we don't know much about it, but we know one thing for sure: it is inhabited by good and caring. Such as Ms Lilita Kruze.

It was she who founded the charitable initiative Stand with Ukraine, Newborn baby hats on the island, within which residents of Guernsey, who are fond of knitting, create cute knitted things for free... for Ukrainian babies. Tiny scarves, blankets, shirts, even toys - all to support Ukrainian women who become mothers in these troubled times.

Ms. Kruze has already sent thousands and thousands of wonderful, warm handmade items to Ukraine for our smallest fellow citizens. This help is accepted by maternity hospitals in various cities of Ukraine, and the Guernsey post office sends it free of charge.

We were extremely touched when Ms. Kruze approached our foundation with a proposal to provide items for the families of the pregnant women we care for. We are happy to announce that the first batch of items has already made its long journey from Guernsey, and in the beginning of February expectant mothers will already receive warm gifts in our "superboxes".

Thanks to Ms. Kruse and all the residents of Guernsey who joined in helping the little Ukrainians! Such initiatives inspire endlessly and strengthen our faith in victory

Photo of the castle by Luke Le Prevost
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