Impact Report 2021
Life goes on despite all worries. We try to celebrate every day, especially today, when our '280 Days' Charity Fund turns 2 years old. Within this period with the help of our supporters we took many important steps to reduce pregnancy complications in Ukraine. Please read about our major projects of the year below.
Radio "280 Days"
One of our main activity areas is educational work. We inform Ukrainian families about preconception planning, healthy pregnancy, and action plans in case of complications. In order to do so in an efficient way we launched the first web radio station for expectant parents. Radio '280 Days' is a safe audio space full of good news and useful content designed for moms- and dads- to be. We have around 10 programs/podcasts with different guests, starting from the best OB-GYNs to successful businessmen who share their experiences of pregnancy and parenting.

We are proud that this project was distinguished by the Zagoriy Foundation and in spring 2021 received funding for development and promotion.

Listen to 24/7!

The Heartbeat
Within this project we raise funds and purchase fetal monitors (special equipment needed to track the heartbeat of babies in utero, and quickly react if complications occur). In 2021 we equipped a fetal monitoring station consiting of 7 monitors for the Kyiv Regional Perinatal Center, which is working with complicated pregnancies from all over Ukraine.

This project was implemented in many ways thanks to the Fund's volunteer Olena Vedernikova and the Fund's Founder Alesia Azarova, who carried out a fundraising campaign on the birthday of their prematurely born sons Natan and David, to the Fund partners Ilyashev&Partners, as well as to the participation in the Kind Race charity run.

Bring Holidays Back to Moms
This is a project of emotional support for expectant mothers who have to spend family holidays in medical institutions because of pregnancy complications. We bring them gifts from our partners as well as supporting letters from other women who used to be in a similar situation.

In May we carried out this project in the Kyiv Regional Perinatal Center and Kyiv city maternity hospital #1. More than 80 expectant moms received Easter and Mother's Day greetings.

We'd like to thank our partners who provided presents for festive packages: Bakehouse, Sonata Candles, CandleBox, Сінево / Синэво / Synevo медична лабораторія, Sweets by lili.

World Maternal Mental Health Day 2021
It was already the second time that the '280 Days' charity fund became the global partner of the World Maternal Mental Health Day. The aim of this day is to draw attention to the issues of maternity and the important of psycho-emotional wellbeing. It unites more than 200 NGO from all over the world. We have translated informational materials related to this day into Ukrainian and covered the issue in the media, and also prepared a series of articles regarding the maternal mental health issues in Ukraine.

Research of the psychological support to pregnant women in Ukraine
We presented the results of the research on the psychological support of pregnant women in Ukraine. You can find them at The main conclusion is that the psychological support that expectant parents in Ukraine receive is far from being perfect, so we still have much to do in this field.

We are proud of the results we managed to achieve with your support! We keep on moving to the healthy pregnancy together!
22 April 2022
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