Grant from ISAR Ednannia financed by the EU
We are happy to announce that the '280 Days' Charity Fund has won a grant contest from the ISAR Ednannia, which is called 'Institutional Support of the NGOs to maximize the support of people who suffered from war'. This grant runs within the European Union project 'Emergency Support for Civil Society' implemented by ISAR Ednannia.
Why is this news so significant? This grant gives us an opportunity to develop our two major programs:

  • The Maternity Hospital Support Program. Every month we receive numerous requests from medical facilities. The victory in the grant contest will allow us to hire new team members to develop the program.

  • The Targeted Aid Program for Pregnant Women will grow as well. Our volunteers involved in the program are becoming the fund's staff members. Now we have resources to accept even more applications and process them promptly.

  • Moreover, our website is going to become even more user friendly! We will add important functionality to help our target audiences to send the requests much easier.

We believe that charity projects must be consistent and systematic. And we have big plans ahead!

We would like to thank ISAR Ednannia for this opportunity. Thanks to this grant we plan to provide support to 2000 families and 12 medical facilities by the end of the year.

Stay tuned :)
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