Fund report for 49 days of war
Today is the 49th day of the full-scale war. The '280 Days' Charity Fund continues its fight, which is the fight against pregnancy complications and their consequences as well as the fight for the health and well-being of Ukrainian moms and babies. We would like to give an update on what was accomplished during this period thanks to our benefactors, partners, team members and volunteers.
The total amount of money raised to support expectant mothers and babies is
4 648 586 UAH.

We keep on collecting and processing the requests of perinatal centers and maternity wards that are in need of equipment and medical supplies.

We purchased and delivered the equipment that medical institutions need in these drastically changed conditions:
  • The Chernivtsy Oblast Perinatal Center received 2 aspirators and 3 steam sterilizers for bottles. One of the aspirators is installed in the neonatal reanimobile.
  • Steam sterilizer for medical devices made of textile and glass and surgical tools was purchased for the Kyiv oblast perinatal center. In addition to that, it also got two chest freezers.
In a short time frame we purchased medical supplies and hygiene products for the patients of medical institutions:
  • Lutsk: for Volyn oblast perinatal center, 7219 UAH spent.
  • Chernivtsy: for Chernivtsy perinatal center and the City clinical maternity hospital #2, 43953 UAH spent.
  • Kherson: for the premature babies department of the Kherson oblast children hospital, 11000 UAH spent.
We would like to sincerely thank our local volunteers for prompt purchase and delivery!

On troubled days for the Kyiv region, our volunteers supplied the Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology and the Kyiv Regional Perinatal Center with food, antiseptics, and consumer goods.

We also coordinated delivery and spreading of the foreign humanitarian aid to medical institutions, local communities, and partner charity funds:
  • Nizhyn city maternity hospital and the community of Chernigiv received 3 pallets of diapers of different sizes.
  • The Ridni fund, which struggles to overcome orphanhood, received 2 pallets of pampers for people coming from eastern areas to Lviv, as well as for pregnant women in maternity hospitals.
  • Organization SOS Children's Villages received 7 diaper palettes for orphans and families in difficult circumstances.
  • UKRAINIAN ASSOCIATION OF PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES GROUP FOR ACTIVE REHABILITATION received diapers for their community from our benefactors from Belgium.
  • For the communities of Kharkiv and Krasnograd we sent hygiene products, baby products, mixtures and food from our volunteers from Israel and partners from the "Dobry Brat" Foundation.
  • Kyiv Regional Perinatal Center – textiles for women in labor and pregnant women, medicines from philanthropists from Lithuania, as well as first aid kits for childbirth (protectors for mattresses, diapers, pads, compresses, etc.) from partners in the Netherlands.
Together with the Kind Challenge charity platform we started a fundraising campaign to buy special warming mattresses for prematurely born babies in the Kyiv oblast perinatal center. They are vitally important now, when women have to give birth in bomb shelters…We have already raised 15 460 euro; the total cost of the project is 19 200 euro.

Online radio '280 days' is on air! We added several new useful podcasts for expectant parents in the wartime. Your are welcome to listen to the radio at

We keep on providing psychological support for pregnant women. Our experts work free of charge. In order to request a session please fill in the form

We delivered targeted aid for pregnant women and newborns in trouble. Supporting expectant parents via providing maternity hospitals with necessary equipment and supplies remains our priority. However, in the horrible conditions of war we try to offer targeted aid to the needy families. But we would like to stress: unfortunately, we don't have enough resources to process all the individual requests we receive, but we try to do our best. During the first 49 days of war we provided around 10 families with prenatal vitamins, care products, diapers, and infant formula.

Thank you, our dear benefactors, partners, doctors, and volunteers, for everything you do for the moms and babies, who are the future of Ukraine. Your help is priceless!

Together we will win!

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