#heartbeat - Fetal monitor allows to hear baby's heartbeat
Last summer we started a social media campaign #heartbeat. Our supporters measured their heart rate per minute, shared their results on social media, posted pictures of a heart shape and sent donations to support the purchase of a modern fetal heart rate monitor for the Kyiv Regional Perinatal Centre!
Fetal heart rate monitoring devices are extremely important for maternity wards
Today we are very happy to share that together with you we have collected the necessary sum of 30 000 UAH and bought an electronic fetal monitor (EFM)! Thanks to you the expecting mothers of the Perinatal Centre can already hear the beating of their babies' tiny hearts.

Fetal heart rate monitoring devices are extremely important for maternity wards. They allow doctors to keep an eye on a baby during the pregnancy. They would alert doctors to potential problems and prompt to take actions if needed.

Because the EFM that has been purchased is a wireless device, expecting mothers can take any comfortable position they like during the checkup.

"It will enable our experts to continuously monitor the state of the fetus in utero and the uterine contractile activity without limiting a woman's choice of the position. Even if the woman is moving, the device will return accurate and extremely precise data, displaying it on the computer.", said Taras Mazur, the Head of the maternity ward of the Kyiv Regional Perinatal Centre.

We thank all our donors who made this possible! Keep supporting pregnant women and babies. And we will hear more little hearts beating!
23 December 2020
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