6th wave of targeted assistance to pregnant women: Fast delivery thanks to Nova Poshta
In a flash - and on the spot! It was with such speed that the superboxes with all the necessary things for the maternity hospital reached the expectant mothers thanks to our logistics partner - Nova Poshta Humanitarian.
Only yesterday morning we sent the first 145 packages to those women who left their applications in the 6th wave of help, and by the evening we began to receive such wonderful photo reports and words of thanks:

"Good afternoon! My name is Valeria. Today we received your box from the sixth wave of help. All I can say is that you are really unreal! :) Thank you very much for what your team does! These are emotions that are difficult to convey in words. My husband and I simply delighted and sincerely grateful! Thank you very much!".

"Good afternoon! Received the parcel! Thank you for helping in such difficult times! The kit is just a bomb, just what you need in maternity house)"

"Good afternoon, I am infinitely grateful for your work, for such quick and for such necessary help at such a time, you magicians. Thank you very much!"

"I received the parcel today, thank you very much for such wonderful and necessary help! All the things will really be very appropriate in the maternity hospital, I liked everything very much! From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank your "280 days" fund, volunteers and everyone involved for your very important work! "

We are glad to support expectant mothers and babies in Ukraine together with such a powerful partner as Nova Poshta.
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