280 Days CF has launched its online radio for the expecting mothers and new parents
280 Days Charity Fund has launched an all-Ukrainian online radio - 280 Days. It's a conceptually new edutainment project = education + entertainment for pregnant women, their partners and new parents.
Online radio is a safe space that you can create anywhere by simply pressing a button. This is a space for relaxation, information about pregnancy and for good news. The radio features pleasant music for parents and babies, practical advice from experts and evidence-based medical practitioners as well as inspiring stories from moms and dads!

"During pregnancy and parental leave we were dreaming of something of this kind. This is exactly the time when it is so important to have your hands free and at the same time to be getting expert information about your pregnancy and baby", Alesya Azarova, the director of the 280 Days Charity Fund, said. "With the help of the online radio we are hoping to unite pregnant women and new parents so that they can share their experiences and offer support to each other. We want to help them go through pregnancy without fear or distress; we also aspire to create a community of experts on pregnancy- and motherhood-related issues."

As more content for the radio has been developed by the 280 Days team, it will be released; and as of September 2021 the radio will be fully on. We are looking for motivated healthcare professionals, business representatives and the manufacturers of child care goods and products for parents. If you would like to contribute to the content creation or to share your story, we encourage you to contact us at info@280days.org.

Tune in at: https://280days.org/radio

280 Days Radio - you're listening, your baby is listening!

The project is implemented with the financial support of Zagoriy Foundation.
29 June/ 2021
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