280 Days Charity Fund х L'Oréal Ukraine: taking care of future moms together during the war
What inspires you for daily fight, work and strive for victory? For us it is the realization that we are not alone on the way to achieving an important goal - the well-being of future mothers and babies.
Even before the start of the full-scale invasion, we were very lucky to have partners who, same as us, cared about the problems of pregnant women in Ukraine. And now it seems that the war has united Ukrainians and revealed the best qualities of everyone.

Today we would like to thank our partner, L'Oréal Group company, for supporting pregnant women in these difficult times. L'Oréal Group company provided skin care products, which this autumn we added to superboxes - packages for expectant mothers. It was done as part of the Targeted Assistance Program for pregnant women. We believe that every woman deserves to be cared for and taken care of, especially during such a crucial period as pregnancy.

Thanks to the contribution from L'Oréal Ukraine, more than 600 expectant and young mothers, who found themselves in a difficult financial situation due to the war, received help in essential care products.

We are sure that this has helped to improve women's well-being and supported them during difficult times. Many thanks to our partners!

Let's support pregnant women and babies together!
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