Hear with your heart: a specialized hearing screener for premature babies was bought
The '280 Days' charity fund operated a fundraising campaign to buy a specialized hearing screener OtoRead Interacoustics for premature babies. It's been handed over to the special care baby unit of the Kyiv Oblast Perinatal Center.
Hearing impairment is the most common sense organs disorder that preemie babies have to face. 20-40 out of 1000 newborns, who become patients of the special care baby units, have either deafness or other severe hearing disorders, and it's often even difficult to detect these conditions due to the lack of medical equipment and early hearing detection systems.

That is why it is crucially important to carry out the newborn hearing screening during the first days of life, and it is critical for premature babies. Hearing is vital for a kid's development, while hearing disorders may negatively impact the speaking skills, behaviour, general wellbeing, and education.

Therefore we are happy to announce that from now on the doctors at the Kyiv Oblast Perinatal Center can prevent complications of premature babies. Now we are preparing to hand over the second part of equipment purchased in terms of this fundraising campaign, which is a device for non-invasive measuring of neonatal jaundice.

We'd like to remind you that this is the annual fundraising campaign initiated by two mothers of preterm sons in honor of their birthdays - Alesia Azarova (founder of the '280 Days' Charity Fund) and Yelena Vedernikova, and it will be realized via the '280 Days' Fund.
7 квітня/ 2020
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