About us
280 Days Charity Fund supports Ukrainian families in their pregnancies: from the process of pregnancy planning to
delivering a healthy baby.
Our aim - every pregnancy is a success story.
Our mission
We do believe that every family has a right to experience a healthy pregnancy and give birth to a healthy child.

We are convinced that every family has a right to access reliable information on preconception health, healthy pregnancy, possible complications, and ways to deal with them.

One in four pregnancies ends in loss, but in many cases tragedy can be prevented. We believe that we can change this statistics in Ukraine.

And we are ready to fight for it.

Our focus
We combine our efforts with expectant parents, doctors, industry and business, as well as government agencies
to ensure the best outcomes for pregnant women and
the birth of healthy babies
What we do
Educational work with families
Information & educational campaigns for those who are planning a pregnancy and parents-to-be

Psychological support
Helping women overcome emotional difficulties during pregnancy
Training for health professionals
Professional development of medical workers, translation of international guidelines
Support for hospitals
Purchase of diagnostic equipment for hospitals in Ukraine
Research work
Investigation of the real birth rate and reproductive loss in Ukraine
Protecting the rights of pregnant women to receive a proper medical care in case of complications
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