We combine our efforts with expectant parents, doctors, industry and business,
as well as government agencies to ensure the best outcomes
for pregnant women and the birth of a healthy baby
Why do we fight for the health of pregnant women and their babies?
On the average, every fourth pregnancy in the world ends in loss. Ukrainian data on the perinatal mortality (among all children who die before, during or soon after labour) is the following: 58.9% of children die in the antenatal period (before labour), 6.94% die during labour, and 34.6% die in the early neonatal period (during the first 6 days of life)*.

In 2018 80% of fetuses who died before labor had weight of 1000 g and more (the general number was 1291). According to the WHO, such a high rate means that the quality of healthcare provided to expectant mothers in prenatal clinics is insufficient: a fetus that reaches 1000 g in utero must be born alive.

Besides, every 5 days one pregnant woman dies in Ukraine; it happens either during her pregnancy, or in labor, or right after.

In many cases such tragedies are preventable. And we are ready to fight for it.

*According to 'The Medical Statistics Center of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine', 2018'
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